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What You Need to Do Before Demolishing Your Home

If you are planning on rebuilding your home from scratch, then you will have to first get through the demolition process. Now, many people imagine that this will be the easiest part of the process – after all, what can be easier than simply tearing down a house with machinery? Well, before the machines roll in and wreck your house, there are actually quite a few things to check off your list. To make sure that this process goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved, here are the things that you will need to take care of:

Start By Taking Care of the Gas and Electricity

Usually, when you move house, you simply have to disconnect the gas and the electricity. When you are ripping a building apart, though, a mere disconnection will not do. Instead, you are going to need to arrange abolishment through your service provider. This is best done as soon as possible as it might take a while for the process to actually go through – it can take up to a month in some cases. It is only once these have been completed that you will be allowed to continue with the demolishing phase of the project. So, this isn’t something that you can afford to forget about.

Hire Professionals for the Job

The thought of taking a sledgehammer to your walls may sound cathartic but you can be quite sure that this will not go quite as planned. In reality, demolition is a lot more complex than you might think. In fact, it is typically a combination of careful deconstruction that is followed by an all-out demolition. Not to mention, even with the right kind of machinery, this kind of job can take several days to complete. So, to prevent any hassle or undue costs, you will find that it is best to hire a team that knows what it is doing.

Do a Dilapidation Survey

As you can imagine, your neighbours may not be thrilled by the fact that you are demolishing your home. Not only can this process be noisy, but it can also damage surrounding properties to a certain degree. To make sure that you are legally protected in the aftermath of your demolition, you should set up dilapidation surveys to be carried out on the nearest properties. Here, professionals will be able to document any existing damages in these areas. So, should someone make any complaints, later on, you will have the necessary proof to back you up.

Consider a Home Inspection

If you live in a rather old home, you just may want to think about having a building inspector take a look at it. See, older homes were made with quite a few unsafe materials including lead and asbestos. Now, during the demolition process, you and others may be exposed to these materials which can be quite unhealthy. To avoid any negative consequences, you may want to have a professional take a look at the house and see if it is safe to tear down, as is.

These are all of the things that you will need to handle before you even think about demolishing your home.

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