Transform Your Bathroom into A Mini Home Spa with These Tips

The bathroom is one of the good spots are home where you can relax after a long busy day. You might be thinking of a long warm shower or a relaxing warm bath to take away all your stress. Turning your bathroom into something more relaxing is one of the best ways you could do when remodelling it.

For instance, plenty of homeowners these days want to try a spa bathroom because of its luxurious yet relaxing aura. Whether you have a big or small bathroom space, you can turn it into a mini home spa by following these tips.

Add a Spot to Relax

One of the key features of a spa bathroom is having a great spot to stay and relax for a long time. If you only have a shower in there, adding a bathtub is a good option to add more places to relax in your bathroom. It is important you have a nice one to add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom as well. You may also add some seating like a little couch or armchair where you could just sit and de-stress after showering or soaking in the bath.

Incorporate Plants

Plants can make any room feel more relaxing and welcoming as well. Adding plants to your bathroom can make it feel like a mini spa. Add some potted plants on vacant or dull corners and watch how it becomes livelier than before. Go for plants that are easy to care such as indoor plants and succulents for the low-maintenance yet lovely bathroom.

Try Wooden Bath Mats

Bath mats come in handy by keeping your feet dry after using the bathroom or simply making your feet feel comfortable against the cold flooring. For a natural spa-like ambience, use wooden or bamboo mats instead rather than cloth ones.

Cloth mats get wet and mouldy which needs more maintenance to keep them looking fresh as new. For spa-like feel in your bathroom, try slatted wooden or bamboo mats instead. This type of floor mat doesn’t hold much moisture and dries even faster than cloth mats.

Place Scented Candles Around

Your mini spa bathroom will never be complete without scented candles around. Aside from adding to the spa-like atmosphere, it also helps you relax better by giving off soothing aroma as you relax in the bathtub. There are plenty of calming scents to choose from such as lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus.

Hang Some Art

It would be a little boring if there’s nothing to look at in your bathroom. To make your spa-like experience complete, hang a piece of art on your bathroom to have something to look into while you relax in the bathtub. Pick a relaxing theme for your art such as a painting of the ocean, picture of a flower field, or anything that makes you feel relaxed when looking on it.

 A spa bathroom is achievable no matter how much bathroom space you have. Try these tips above and see how it transforms your bathroom into something better.

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