Stylish Ways to Keep the Heat out This Summer

Summer means more outdoor fun and activities. It calls for backyard barbeque gatherings, beach outings or a simple road trip somewhere. However, the summer heat won’t feel so good inside the house. The soaring temperatures of this season can even make your home feel like an oven if not well ventilated. Using window blinds is one of the best ways to control temperature and light that enters our home. Aside from being convenient to use, they can also be used to style up your windows to match the seasons. Read along to know how different types of window blinds can be used on summer months.

Perfect Fit Blinds

This type of window blinds is fitted to the window frame. They add a classic look to any home plus its fitted design makes it look seamless and child-friendly. You can choose between Venetian, pleated or roller styles depending on your indoor decor theme. Choose textures and colours that add a splash of colour during summer months such as pastels, bright colours, faux wood, and other patterns.

Roller Blinds

They might look simple but with a little creativity, they could definitely give a summery feel to any room. Compared with venetian blinds, they are more efficient in keep away the outdoor heat because of its full fabric material. Choose the finest roller blinds Adelaide and beautify your home now.

Venetian Blinds

They are the most popular among window blinds because of the timeless beauty it adds to a home. Aluminium and wooden materials are the top pick during summer since these types can endure heat and are more efficient in blocking out light. However, if you’re buying for your conservatory, choose the aluminium ones as they can withstand extreme heat without being damaged.

Benefits of Using Window Blinds

Here are the advantages why people choose to use blinds on their windows.

  • Controls light – Unlike plain windows, you don’t have to close it fully to block the light. Blinds can be adjusted to allow a little bit of sunshine inside your home and protect your indoor furnishings and decorations from fading.
  • Better Sleep – Some blinds are specially designed to block the outside light and provide better sleep. Lots of people who have problems with their sleeping patterns and new parents who are setting a bedtime routine for their baby.
  • Gives the amount of privacy you need – Venetian blinds can easily be adjusted if you want it shut for full privacy, slightly open or full if you want some outdoor view and don’t require privacy as of the moment.

  • Can be used as room dividers – It sounds surprising but you can turn window blinds into decorative room dividers. You can use it to create private spots in a bigger room such as a dressing area, wardrobe, and many more. Everything is up to your creativity.
  • Regulate temperatures of conservatories – There are seasonal blinds made especially for conservatories. These are designed to block out the sun during summer for a cooler temperature inside your summerhouse.

Spice up your home decor this summer with these simple ideas. Keep the indoors cool and trendy by using window blinds.

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