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Shifting Lifestyles: An Affordable Approach

Traditionally, a luxurious item cannot be easily purchased, as it is costly, hence, it calls for the need to settle to something affordable instead. However, with the changing business market today, a new type of consumer behaviour has been tagged as an “affordable luxury” lifestyle. Regarded as a gratifying act to oneself, the newly coined concept describes a person spending for something that he can actually pay for but is not, at all, necessary in his life. For example, you are thirsty and you need a drink. Instead of drinking water, choosing champagne as a drink is considered as an affordable luxury. Back then, Champagnes were considered as the “wine of kings and kings of wine” and were only drunk during special occasions in their High Courts. However, since people desired to drink what the King drinks, the Champagnes had been made available to the public simply because it makes the public feel good. Applying the same concept to your own self, an affordable luxury approach to living could be made possible through the following ways.

Fashion Upgrade

A lifestyle upgrade requires a fashion upgrade, as well. Note that you do not need to exhaust your savings to change your entire wardrobe. You need to focus on the basic essentials only. Invest in good quality fashion pieces. It is also best to go for a classic style. Shopping for trendy fashion pieces will only be costly as it will easily go out of style. In fact, you do not need to purchase brand new items. Consignment shops offer good quality products – you just have to have a good eye to see through these products. To complete your look, add some jewelry that suits your style and personality.

House Improvements

Aside from your fashion statement, your house should equally be upgraded so you can embrace the concept of affordable luxury. Again, note that it does not have to be costly. The trick is to make everything affordable. It is just a matter of turning each simple moment into a luxurious one. To guide you in the renovation, create a home renovation plan based on the extensive research that you have conducted. Your renovations can start with your doors as these create the first impression of your home. If you do not want to replace your door because it is still in a good condition, a good repainting session will suffice. Consider repainting your walls to create new lighting effects. Add mirrors to a small room so they will look bigger. Apart from the interior, renovate the outdoor area as well. Reorganize your potted plants to change and upgrade the look. If you have a pool, consider pool restorations Perth to revive its luxurious look. Repaint the fences to make it look brand new.

“Me” Transformation

The whole lifestyle upgrade will not be complete without you being transformed. Well, your role is simple. Your job is to embrace the changes that you have thought of – may it be an upgrade in the wardrobe, house interiors and exteriors, and routines. All these will be of no use if you will not embrace and embody these changes on a daily basis. Remember, this is a gratifying act for everything that you have worked on.

Employing an affordable luxury approach to lifestyle could take some time getting used to. As regarded by many, these acts of self-indulgence are not costly. In fact, they are reasonably priced, hence tagged as “affordable luxuries”.

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