How to Prevent Pest Infestations at Home

Pest infestations are a particular concern for most South Australian homes. Not so long ago, a video went viral showing a local home severely infested with termites. The Daily Telegraph estimates pests cost Australian households billions of dollars in damages each year. In addition to financial issues, pests also increase the risk for diseases at home. Therefore, getting rid of a pest infestation without delay is in your best interest. Here are several tips you can follow to protect your home from rodents, termites, and other pests:

Do Annual Check-ups for Potential Infestations

As with most diseases, prevention is the key to pest infestations. If you spot signs of rodents or termites early on, getting rid of them easy before it becomes a problem worth thousands of dollars. Call up your local building inspector Norwood to spot signs of pests in your home or apartment. Ideally, you should have a resident checked up before purchase to do a thorough extermination before moving things inside. It’s fine if you didn’t do this when you bought the home. However, do not delay an inspection even further. Get it done right away to tackle any pest issue head on without delay.

Learn to Look for Signs of Pest Infestations by Yourself

As you live in the home all week, you are the best person to look up certain signs of a growing pest problem. Look for little insects crawling near windowsills and similar areas with wood where termites may build homes. Small droppings are also a sign of pest infestation. If you have food going missing, such as food in pet bowls that you know the pets haven’t eaten, you may have a rat problem. The signs vary depending on the pest. You can go to South Australian government website for detailed information on first signs of a pest infestation.

Seal Food in Containers

One of the best way to get rid of pests, especially mice and ants, is to keep table tops and counters clean and free of food. Don’t leave food items outside in the open. Place all food items, like snacks, in sealed containers when they are left outside the fridge or cupboards. Clear off tables and counters of crumbs and food residue after eating, especially at night. Lack of cleanliness is one of the key reasons pest infestations become worse. Take particular care to keep kitchen and dining areas as clean as possible.

Fix Leaks

Damp and moist areas in your home make comfortable dwellings for pets. Dampness where it shouldn’t be can cause more problems than just pests. Mould is a major concern for damp and moist walls. Pests also love these watery areas, especially if there’s a good supply of water. Homeowners, therefore, should pay attention to leaks in faucets or pipes that might cause certain parts of the house to become damp. If you notice a leak, don’t wait forever to fix it. Get it done right away. Tackle dampness issues head with the help of a plumber as well.

Consider the above tips carefully to prevent nasty pest infestations in your wonderful home. Prevention will not force you to use harsh chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets as well as the pests.

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