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How To Prepare For Snagging In Construction

Generally snagging is the process of the client checking the final product of the project for any flaws or faults that are in need of fixing. Of course, it’s a very crucial part of the project completion progress and unfortunately they nearly always manage to find something to throw back at you. So here’s a list of things to keep in mind before handing your project over for that final inspection.

The Foundation

Basing the plans of your foundation needs to be prepared off critical research that needs to be accurate. For this, you need to invest in more reputable companies that have a trustworthy history of catering to their clients so make sure to do your research and invest more on this stage. Third party professional expertise is always valued and can make your job far easier while reducing on time overruns as well.


Make sure to invest in only the latest technology to get your work done. For example, point cloud laser scanning is an advantage offered by the latest technological advancements. It is just among the many things you need to be taking advantage of. This increases the efficiency of your information and performance simultaneously.


In your last minute rounds of the property make sure to keep an eye out for drywall tape joints (but make sure to do this check both with and without lights). In the building process, have someone checking that the ventilation and lighting holes are properly made as well the ceiling is properly checked for cracks. The last thing you want is an obvious sign like that slipping under your nose. Remember, your skylights need to be sealed and if you can access the attic, it should be properly insulated.


Now, of course the walls have to be sanded down and painted else it will definitely show in the end result. These are basics that your employees should be capable of. Once again, keep a beady eye out for any problematic cracks as well as any nails heads bursting through the framing. Any dings or crushed corners won’t slip past your client’s eye so they shouldn’t slip past yours either.

Doors And Windows

In the whole building process, you need to make sure that your employees handle the frames with care so no scraped or dents are left behind. Of course they shouldn’t stick and should be able to lock properly. These are all obvious mistakes that tend to be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of finishing a project. Sweeps need to be placed at all exterior doors and all hinges need to be screwed on properly. Also check the glass panes for any signs of damage or for moisture trapped between them.

Cabinets And Counters

 This is usually a problem area on properties so be extra vigilant here. Make sure you use quality close rods and they’re installed correctly. Inspect all the screws and the moulding while you’re at it. The counters too shouldn’t have any gaps in the corners and the sink should be sealed in well.

Snagging can affect your reputation so make sure you have someone thoroughly inspect every inch of your project from start to finish so you minimize it as much as possible.
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