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Building Inspections Adelaide – When to Call?

Buying a home is a serious consideration. Many elements and parts of the home require a thorough check before you sign the dotted line. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, qualified building inspectors can help ensure the best possible outcome.

At Precise Building Inspections Adelaide, we can ensure the best result regardless of which side of the sale you are on. We have assisted hundreds of South Australian residents over time, giving them first class advice on the purchase or sale of their property.

So, when should I call a building inspector?

What Do Building Inspections Adelaide Do?

At Precise Building Inspections Adelaide, our building inspectors survey your chosen property, searching for defects and providing you with a detailed report on what could be wrong. We find both minor and major problems. All our building inspectors have years of experience and can help you with your decision.

The major advantages of building inspections include:

  • Understanding what the problems are: You will know the issues facing the property, and can assess whether or not there are enough defects to purchase the property. You will also understand what the costs will be for repairs.
  • Negotiations: This is where you can gain leverage. With a better understanding of the property’s condition, you can negotiate whether the asking price is correct.
  • Seek better advice: Building inspections Adelaide will provide imperative information of the property’s defects, and what can be done to fix them. You can understand how these issues will effect the property in the long-term and how much repairs could costs.

There are great advantages of having your potential property inspected by the professionals at Precise Building Inspections. So, when should you ask an inspector to see the property.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you’re in the market to buy, it is can be a very exciting and rewarding time. However, you need to ensure that the property is ready for purchase before you sign the paperwork. Precise Building Inspections Adelaide ensure that your potential property is ready for purchase before you buy.

Contact Our Team for Enquiries

If you are interested in having property inspected by the professionals at Building Inspections, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff. We are committed to providing our valued clients with an exceptional standard of service, and will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

Give us a call on 0478 778 899 or submit an enquiry form on our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible and with all the information you require.

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